Tuesday, January 15, 2008


People are already buzzing on how Tom Cruise is a loon when it comes to his "religion" Scientology. He is obviously very passionate in his beliefs as a Scientologist as seen in this newly leaked footage of Tom when he won the Freedom Medal of Valor Award (International Association of Scientologists.)

note: Just for thought?? Being a mega-star like Tom Cruise people generally give them a harder time with the things they believe in. He is genuinely passionate about his love for Scientology, so why exploit his passion??

Answer this. Why is that when old "Catholic" ladies cry their guts out when Jesus appears on their dog's butt, a million people fly across the world to cry in front of Jesus butt dog too? I'm not judging, but doesn't that seem more "loony" than this video??

Special thanks to Jonathan M. from Los Angeles & Kelly Kel from Chula Vista for this submission!

Continue to see Jesus on the butt of a dog (website)!!

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