Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Scientology Website Hacked! Eerie Video

This is a retaliation attempt to get back at Tom Cruise and his Scientology buddies for taking legal action on those who posted Tom's "Scientology Gone Wild" video that leaked out a couple of weeks ago.

It's an eerie video if I do say myself. It makes me more scared of the people trying to stop Scientology than Scientology itself. They should have made the video more like Happy Gilmore's "Happy Place" for it to be 100% effective. C mon.

A group of hackers calling itself "Anonymous" has hit the Church of Scientology's Web site with an online attack.

The attack was launched Jan. 19 by Anonymous, which is seeking media attention to help "save people from Scientology by reversing the brainwashing," according to a Web page maintained by Anonymous.

Anonymous claims to have knocked the Church's Web site offline with a DDoS attack, in which many computers bombard the victim's server with requests, overwhelming it with data in the hope of ultimately knocking the system offline. True to its name, Anonymous does not disclose the true identities of its members. link: info world

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm from the Philippines but I have never heard of this superhero Kalayaanman, well at least not until now...