Sunday, September 20, 2009

Michael Jackson Really Had a Deep Voice: Close Friend David Gest Reveals Secret

One of Michael Jackson's closest friends, concert promoter David Gest claims the late King of Pop's real voice was husky and deep, very unlike the high-pitched, whiny way he talked in public. 
Michael Jackson might have actually had a semi-normal voice somewhere under all the whining. (Getty Images)David said: I’m showing an interview I did with Michael that shows him talking in his real voice, like, ‘C’mon David, let’s get it done now.’ ” Mimicking Michael’s famous high-pitched tone, he added: “You know - he doesn’t talk like, ‘Hi, how are you?’ He talks very, very tough. I’m telling you the truth.” (He will show video footage of it in his documentary.)

Fans were shocked earlier this year when Michael announced his "This Is It" London residency in an unusually deep voice, which prompted speculation as to whether an impersonator had appeared in his place. David, 56, is making a documentary called 
My Best Friend Michael which he promises will show this real side of the "Thriller" singer.

Since his untimely passing in June, David has been in regular contact with the Jackson family, and revealed Michael’s mother Katherine is struggling with the loss of her son. Appearing on British TV show 
Live From Studio Five, David, who had Michael as his best man when he married Liza Mannelli 2002, said:

"I went to the funeral about two months ago and I speak to his mother about every week. It’s very hard on Mrs. Jackson, to bury a son when a son’s supposed to bury a mother. She’s trying to cope, but she’s a very strong woman, she helped raise me when I was a kid."

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