Saturday, January 19, 2008


For anyone that is not familiar with "HYPHY" here's a few tracks to get you in the HYPHY moodnizzle fo fizzle my gizzle...ain't that right?? Fo shizzle !!

Names that sound "HYPHY"
Fo' Lizzy
Fo' Mazzy
Fo' Suzie
Fo' Zoey
Fo' Zsa Zsa
...It's ma birthday.

download / listen:
The Team: Hyphy Juice
The Team: Jus Go
Traxxamillion: Gas, Skrape, Dip
D Willz: Licka Sto
E-40 feat Keak da Sneak: Tell Me When To Go
Too Short & E-40: This My One (remix)

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