Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Must Have Mystery Band? (Download)

I like to find new bands and musicians all the time. What I usually listen to, or at least try to, are bands/artists that are not mainstream radio blah blah blah. Although there's a lot of great music on the airwaves, I try to play music in my car that make people ask...who is this? How did you hear about them? It makes great conversation and it helps spread the word about new and/or under appreciated musicians.

Must Have Mystery Band...Can you guess who they are?

This band has been around a bit, but has not taken off like I believe they should. I may be wrong. The reason I make this music post a "Mystery Band" is because I want to get a feel of how popular or unknown this awesome band is. If you know who the band is and appreciate their music, shoot me an email @ ( If enough listeners respond, I will unveil this band with download links to all of their albums in a future post. Keep checking in...enjoy!


They sing in two languages...One of these songs reveal the language..
Photo up top is actual lead singer.

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