Friday, May 09, 2008

Miley Cyrus Offered to Pose for Playboy

Playoy pimp Hefner wants to the 15-year-old to follow up her controversial photographs for Vanity Fair last month (Apr08), and strip off completely in the pages of his legendary men’s magazine - but only when she reaches the legal age.
The Hannah Montana star sparked outrage when the candid snaps - which show Cyrus posing bare-backed, wrapped in a satin sheet - emerged online, forcing the singer/actress to issue an apology over the controversial Annie Leibovitz photos.
Hefner says Cyrus would be “welcomed in the magazine”.
The 82-year-old also slammed the furore surrounding her poses for Vanity Fair: “I think to make such a big to do over something as innocent as those photos, I think is a reflection on how schizophrenic America is about sexuality.”

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