Wednesday, May 07, 2008

$200,000 Wind Powered Wristwatch: Urwerk UR-202

The world’s first windpower wristwatch. The Urwerk UR-202’s self-winding mechanism is regulated by compressed air, fed by a pair of micro turbines.

Turn over the UR-202, and you’ll see two tiny turbines recessed into the bezel (in red or white gold — black platinum is also available at a premium). A three-position switch controls the amount of damping provided by the turbines, which draws air from within the watch’s fully waterproof case. The air is forced into a compression chamber, which acts as a shock absorber for the winding mechanism’s main rotor. Urwerk claims that this windpower cushioning extends the life of the overall mechanism.

The UR-201 retailed for € 92,600 (about $143,000 USD) in its plain-jane red gold trim. Black platinum could be had for € 129,600 — just shy of $200,000 USD at current exchange rates.

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wristwatches said...

Urwerk has some great looking watches. Now, a wind powered watch with micro turbines, how cool ist that.