Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Weird EBAY: Jesus Image Appears on Turtle

Here's yet another Jesus image that has found it's way for sale on Ebay. On the belly side of the dead turtle it depicts the head of Jesus resembling the Shroud of Turin. On the backside it has the full body image. This is the exact post as on Ebay. It's pretty funny.

Shroud of Turin...Jesus

Instead of going to church on Sunday a while back I selfishly decided to make some extra needed income at the flea market in Soquel Ca. As I took a break from my booth to do some shopping I came across a lady selling old turtle shells. I had never seen anyone selling these things before, so I scattered through the box of hand size turtle shells to see why the heck someone would buy a hollowed out dead turtle in the first place. So I grabbed a couple, laughed and joked that I should buy 5 of them and make my very own "hollowed out and dead" Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle set??

As I put them down belly side up I noticed a silhouette of a face..the Shroud of Turin Jesus was looking right at me. (
Even if you look at the other side you can see a likeliness of Jesus too).
I thought to myself " MAN! because I'd rather make a little extra cash instead of going to church God let's me find his Son on a dead turtle??" So I bought it.

"This item is for reals. I am not a scientist. There is no way I could have manipulated the turtles DNA to form Jesus.

Great gift for Turtle Lovers...& Jesus Lovers too!!!

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