Friday, January 25, 2008

Stuck in California Snow Storm (new posts delayed)

On Wed. the 23 I was driving up north singing happy songs smiling at passers by. It was a bit rainy but nothing to prevent me from making the trip. My options were to take 101south (which I usually take) or take I-5 through the Grapevine. I wanted to miss the dreaded L.A. traffic as much as possible so I took I-5 hoping I would get there faster.

Soooo I'm driving through Grapevine at around 5pm and everything was great besides a little rain. Right towards the top of the mountain I noticed the rain getting lighter and lighter. I was relieved that the rain had stopped, but 2 minutes into my happiness I was blindsided that the rain had turned into snow!!! A lot of snow!

Traffic slowed to a halt. At most I was able to break 5mph. In my head I'm thinking that this will only delay me a couple of hours. NOT! Traffic stayed at a complete halt for hours People were very impatient and decided to sway off course onto the shoulder and try to cut through traffic. Even regular cars and mini vans took the chance to save time and go off the freeway onto the shoulder. I decided to play follow the leader because my patience grew weary as well. I have a big truck ( not 4x4) and I have never have driven in the snow but I thought what the heck..big truck, snow, ok ...5 minutes later.........STUCK!! I hit a mud/ snow pocket and I was stuck in the snow for the first time in my life. My natural reaction was to slam the gas and muscle my way out......bad mistake.

I was stuck for 3 hrs in 35 degree weather not knowing my fate. I felt ok because CHP had completely shut down I-5 Grapevine indefinitely and there were a lot of people stuck along the side of the road trying to to what I did.

Then along came an unlikely man that was walking along the side of the dark road that just so happened to knock on my window. I'm like great, he looks like a killer. I thought well there's a ton of people around just stuck, I have my handy stun gun at my disposal. So I rolled down my passenger window to see what this guy wanted. To my surprise he asked my if I was stuck and if I needed help. He was a pro truck driver that was offering his assistance to everyone of the dumbasses on the side of the road stuck ( that's me) He magically maneuvered my truck out with ease...Wala! Thanks to Edward the scary truck driver he saved time & money on tow. So Edward the truck driver wherever you are .....YOUR THE MAN!!!

They started letting some traffic through at 12:30am but I still had 4 hrs to go towards my destination...Yuck

Needless to say I made it out 8hrs later unscratched, but my truck did experience electrical trouble while slamming the gas furiously trying to get unstuck, leaving me with an unwanted mechanical bill. Also, I will be posting new and exiting stuff in the next few days. I am taking a little break due to all this mayhem. Thanks for your understanding!!!

Again to Mr. Scary truck driver man...Thanks

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Anonymous said...

Rey! (this is Jen) that sounds like a scary, yet exciting adventure. Edward reminded me of Adventures in Babysitting! Did he have a hook? Glad you made it okay!

Kidazy said...

Crazy isn't it? I got stuck in a snowstorm for two and a half days (I kid you not) in Indiana a couple of years ago. Me, my boyfriend and my black lab stuck in a Lexus IS 300 for two and a half days, even the National guard couldn't get us out. It was dreadful, so I most definitely feel your pain!