Sunday, January 13, 2008


SPAM has been a cult food icon since July 5, 1937. There's no mistaking the taste of good ol' SPAM. You can cook it so many different ways it's ridicoulous. The way I like it most, which I just discovered two years ago, is sliced really thin like bacon and fried in a pan. MMM! MMM!

SPAM is also great the way Hawaiians make it. They call it Musubi, and all it is is a piece of good ol' SPAM sliced thick or thin topped onto steamed white rice then wrapped with seaweed. WHEW all this talk about SPAM...I just wanna grab a block of raw SPAM and RAAAAAARRRR!!

Check out their website: Click on the guy holding a SPAM burger a few times and the people in the background. So funny.
Interesting facts about SPAM:

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