Friday, November 14, 2008

Japanese Wannabes: Face Shaping Device Goes Public

beauty small face belt

Unsatisfied with your face? Is your mouth too wide or your head too big? Do you want to change the shape of your face without an expensive operation? If you feel like this, you may not be alone, as it seems that a lot of Japanese people might think the same way.

People thinking to have a too big face or want to get a slimmer cheek, strain skin, or get rid of a double chin could be helped by the Kogao Meiku Beruto (small face make belt). According to the manufacturer, the face will become smaller and slimmer by just stringing the belt around the head while sleeping or relaxing.

slim mouth beauty help for men

Men who are unlucky with their face can also be helped. This next product claims that if you feel like your mouth is too wide and makes you look like you eat too much, you better try Tex Mex’s “Slim Mouth”. This simple looking product is supposed to make your mouth slimmer and smaller by just training the right muscles three minutes every day.

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