Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ferrari's Vertu Cell Phone Looks Like a Nokia 5190

Retails ridiculously around $6600, more or less.

It looks nice, but not for thousands of dollars. It had better be able to start my frickin Ferrari, open my garage, and have 100 hot chick's phone numbers already stored inside of it. Who cares if it's stainless steel and has a small ass Sapphire window..Wouldn't you rather have awesome computer technology put into it?

"Inspired by one of the world’s finest automobiles, the Ferrari Vertu Ti, was born of an obsession to create the finest phones for the most discerning individuals (funny enough, also the ones with the most money to burn). Bringing together the most innovative materials, outstanding craftsmanship, and world class expertise in mobile technology, Vertu has created something new and unique. Each one of these handsets is hand built, one at a time, with features such as a high-resolution display with a sapphire crystal screen and precision-engineered stainless steel keys, the Vertu Ferrari Ti is definitely a handset that will make you stand out from the crowd, all the while screaming that you settle only for the finer things in life. [vertu]"

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