Friday, November 21, 2008

Vacaville & Fairfield Cali. Represent Hip Hop: City Lights Crew

Dj Flow
Ant Chedda

Reppin Northern Cali at the Sway & Tech 100k Rap Battle. City Lights members, UPTOWN Swuite, Dj Flow, & Ant Chedda shake things up hard with lyrical craftsmanship and soulful magnificence.

Confident and charismatic, UPTOWN Swuite breathes fire when it comes to his delivery and rap style. Ant Chedda, a talented Filipino singer, is a great addition to the tracks and can easily cool down the fire after UPTOWN spits his blazin hot lyrics...and of course who can forget the Dj? Dj Flow keeps it together making every beat on point. wiki wiki

Without question, this trio of talent has made it to the immortal top 20 and has a really good chance to make it even further. Living in the Bay Area for a while and spending a lot of time with my Fam in Vacaville/Fairfield I got love for this talented bunch. My vote is locked and I hope they do really well...spread the word!

Keep on gentlemen and do your city proud!

City Lights Crew's Myspace:
Thanks Dawveed

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