Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stupid Lady Injects Cooking Oil Into Face Like Botox

cookingoil1 I Inject Cooking Oil In My Face Says Hang Mioku (Kids Dont Try This At Home) WTF? (Pics)

Inject cooking oil in your face? Not a good idea! Just ask Hang Mioku! The once beautiful Hang decided to inject cooking oil into her face and became scarred and disfigured.

Hang Mioku decided to inject cooking oil in her face after she no longer received silicone injections. The cooking oil injections left Hang Mioku disfigured.

Hang Moiku had moved to Japan to have multiple surgeries, primarily to her face but when surgeons refused further surgeries and suggested Hang receive counseling. When Hang moved back home, her own family didn’t even recognize her.

cookingoil4-300x187 Hang Mioku pictures: Cooking oil injections

Fighting The Curse Of The Face-Eating Tumor

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