Monday, December 12, 2011


Before forming the sinister group of hyperviolent mutants know as The C.H.U.D.'z (C.annibalistic. H.umanoid. U.nderground. D.wellers.) Dr. Killemoff, Hook the Crook, Chief Tomacock, & DJ Admit 1 the Closed Castcatte Assasin were already active in the West Coast underground hip hop circuit over the last 10 years, working with a slew of various artists & self releasing albums.

The 4 mc's, DJ, & master engineer known as Rawz aka Rawzwell the Extraterrestrial decided to ban together to ravelously inject the game with a lethal dose of ever changing vocal & style executions. With Dr. Killemoff, Admit 1, Chief tomacock, & Hook the Crook layered on top of Dr. Killemoff's skull splitting beat production & violently precise scratches by the Closed Castcatte provide a sound scape of utter maddness & macabre. These cannibalistic humanoids are truely a walking horror show.

The maniacle group of mc's & producers were drivin mad by the age of inferior pop electronic rap bullshit that has taken over the music industry, so they formed the C.annibalistic H.umanoid U.nderground D.wellers to mutilate & murder the fake Hollywood image & culter of glitter & glamour to take hip hop back down to the sewers where its supposed to be. So as long as The C.H.U.D.'z are creating music they'll be coming to slice your fucking ligaments with a pen!

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