Monday, September 15, 2008

Blogsterspalooza: THE CINEMATIC ORCHESTRA: So Chill

Patrick Carpenter on turntables
Luke Flowers (drums)
Tom Chant (Saxophone)
Nick Ramm (piano)
Stuart McCallum (guitar)
Phil France (double bass)

With "chill" written all over their beautiful arrangements they are sure to lure you into their enchanting sound. The Cinematic Orchestra is a band/orchestra/Dj fused sensation out of Europe. The list of members don't include the angelic lady singers that seem to grace us in a few of the tracks so listen for them.

Listening to The Cinematic Orchestra is a fantastic outlet to release stress and unwind into your thoughts. You might even shed a tear, maybe, if your a girly-man.
I have to admit however, the song "To Build a Home" got to me. No tears, just a flash of memories from past that has nothing to do with the song. It unlocks the mind and allows your thoughts wander into your soul...You have to listen to it to feel what I mean.

The Cinematic Orchestra is a British-based jazz and electronic outfit, created in the late 1990s by Jason Swinscoe. The band is signed to Ninja Tune independent record label. In addition to Swinscoe, the band includes former DJ Food member Patrick Carpenter on turntables, Luke Flowers (drums), Tom Chant (Saxophone), Nick Ramm (piano), Stuart McCallum (guitar) and Phil France (double bass). Former members include Jamie Coleman (trumpet), T. Daniel Howard (drums), and Alex James (piano). The most recent addition to the band is Mancunian guitarist Stuart McCallum.

The song "To Build A Home" from the album Ma Fleur was prominently used on the ABC medical drama Grey's Anatomy on September 27, 2007 and on Criminal Minds the CBS crime drama episode titled "Children of the Dark" which aired on October 17, 2007


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