Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Two Zoo Monkeys Marry in Actual Ceremony

This newlywed couple is stirring up quite a controversy. The "much in love" monkey couple wed in China earlier this month. I guess the Chinese need the attention since the Olympics are over with.

The monkeys - who actually take really good pictures together, live in Wenling, Zhejiang province - are seven-year-old male monkey Wukong and a six-year-old female named Xiaoya.

The wildlife park organised the wedding in the hope of attracting more visitors, local media reported.

But the controversial stunt is bound to upset animal rights groups in a country famed for being cruel to animals.

Back in 2006 a Shanghai zoo cancelled a show dubbed the 'Animal Olympics' following accusations of cruelty from animal welfare groups.

The show had featured animals in athletic-type situations, such as boxing matches between kangaroos and their keepers, bears fighting and riding bicycles, and an elephant tug-of-war.

"I've always loved you...Now it's OFFICIAL!! OOH OOH AHH AHH!!"

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1 COMMENT???????:

Michael Knight Rambo said...

Monkeys are just adorable and actually have it pretty good living with us (unless they're lab monkeys).
Have you ever seen "Planet Earth" where they get all territorial and kill the baby chimp and eat it?
Or that monkey keeping dude who had his nose and eyeball bit/gouged out by a couple of monkeys who, I guess, had a little too much sugar?
Nature's far crueler.