Friday, September 26, 2008

Dr. Dan Burisch: Area 51 Scientist Speaks

Before & After You Snitch On The Government...

Dr. Dan Burisch. Navy Captain, Micro-Biologist and Area 51 Researcher wants to come clean about what he knows.

Dan has worked extensively for Majestic 12 and the Government at the top secret Area 51 since 1986. He's seen and worked with extra-terrestrials, extra-dimensional portals (stargates) which allow the user to see the future and has recently discovered the mysterious Ganesh Particle which appears to be the spark of all Universal life.

It is widely believed that aliens crash landed in Roswell New Mexico in 1947 and the government was able to recover the craft and two alien pilots. Dan states that this isn't entirely accurate. The aliens aren't alien at all - they are human time travelers who have had tens of thousands of years to evolve. Thus, extra-terrestrials is a more accurate term for them. These ET's are known within area 51 as J-Rods. Continue:

Watch his interesting testimony:

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