Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Am I a Cold Blooded Snail Killer??

As I was walking back home from the gym in the glorious Orange County sunshine, I noticed a snail on the wall of a building. It's probably around 85-90 degrees and this snail was stuck in full scorching sunlight in the middle of this huge wall. It had one antennae all shriveled up with nowhere to go. I couldn't even imagine walking barefoot 10 miles in the hot sun without being in complete pain. This snail was in worse condition. He had no hope in sight...I looked. Grass or dirt was nowhere to bee seen and I'm sure the snail knew it was screwed. I debated whether to detached it from the burning hot wall and carry it to "The Snail Hawaii Resort" nearby my place, or leave it there and live with the inevitable death of a snail?

Does this make me a sensitive guy that had 20 seconds of compassion for a snail, or does it mean I'm a cold blooded snail killer??......OR Does it mean I need to grow a new set??

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Michael Knight Rambo said...

My cat was having fun with a mouse and I broke it up.
That poor thing (the mouse) died in my hands, but I couldn't put it out of its misery.
You, Sir, are a dichotomy. Sensitive and ballsy. Good for you!

PumX2 said...

I've done something similar w/ a deer that was hit on the highway when I worked @ Pebble Beach. The deer was destroyed by the car in front of me, limped a few feet & collapsed into next lane of oncoming traffic. I contemplated at that very moment... do I stop the car, pull the deer into the back seat of my Yukon & drive it to a 24 Hour Veterinary clinic? Do I simply swerve out of its path & make it home in time for dinner? OR do I test the 4x4 capabilities of my Yukon & run over the mortally wounded animal @ 55 mph? I only had a few seconds to think... I shall put it out of its misery! I veered left into the path of the deer, its head slowly & painfully rising, momentarily making eye contact with me through the reflection of my headlights. Its trembling body desperately trying to lift itself onto the weight of its front legs as its back legs appeared to be paralyzed...3-2-1...SMASH… The Yukon rolled over the Deer's body like a knife through butter. Looking in the rear view, I saw the tiny tail rotating in a clockwise pattern, almost like it was winding down. For that one moment I felt bad... that my $40K Yukon was unable to finish the job, so I flipped a bitch & ran it over again for good measure. My only regret was the $9 I had to pay to get the additional undercarriage cleaning option @ the Chevron 24 Hour automated car wash. Damn that $9... I could've bought 2 monster burritos @ Papa Chui's... To this day it still saddens me.

Reytos said...

Pumx2!! You're crazy! LOL. well not for the dear anyway. All this time and I've never heard this story Pum? You've been holding out on me man. Thanks for that great story.

Rambo: I probably would have let the cat do it's thing. I hate mice. I always wondered since the Tom and Jerry days what cats do to mice. Do they eat em or just play with them to death?