Thursday, January 08, 2009

Monster's Carcass Found On Beach in Britain

THE grisly remains of a mysterious razor-fanged beast have been found washed up on a beach.

A shocked surfer discovered a carcass “the size of a calf . . . with massive, canine teeth”.

The monster was spotted near Downend Point on Croyde Beach, Devon.

Surfer Jason Poulton, 37, stumbled upon the remains at sunset on Tuesday — the day the Forestry Commission officially confirmed big cats DO live in Britain.

“It had massive teeth, a flat head and large eye sockets. It was about five feet long.”

Some locals suggested it could be a seal, but The Marine Conservation Society and the National Seal Sanctuary both stated it was not.

PC Chris Tucker, of Braunton Police, said: “It has black fur. It looks quite beast-like with those teeth.”

Sergeant Jeff Pearce added: “It could be a sea lion — and that in itself would be unusual as they don’t live in our waters.”

Last night, in a further twist, police reported the beast’s skull STOLEN.

Sgt Pearce said: “We don’t know who’s taken it — but it’s not there any more.” via

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