Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Holly Madison Called it Quits with Hugh Hefner

That's Holly on the left without her magic make up on.

A "depressed" Holly Madison called it quits with Hugh Hefner after 7 years because "I got too old for Hef." The blondie told Extra she wished Hef "would've seen it coming" as "all the signs were there." Madison, who wanted a family, said "Hef and I can't get married and have kids...so It was fun while it lasted but it wasn't right for my old age."

Though the 82-year-old Playboy founder has already replaced Madison with two teen twin sisters, he "was kind enough not to kick" Madison out of the house while her condo is being finished. But she's been demoted to the guest room. "I still work for him. We're still best friends. I still call and check in on him almost everyday."

Source Extra

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