Wednesday, November 05, 2008

American Idol Crybaby Josiah Leming is Being Sued?

Just two days after he released his album-teasing EP, Josiah Leming is already facing record company drama as the entertainment company behind American Idol threatened to pursue legal action if he releases his debut album through Reprise Records. Even though Leming was booted from the show before the show narrowed its cast to 24 contestants, AI’s 19 Entertainment claims that each singer signed into a contract that gave 19 exclusive rights of refusal for management, merchandising and recording, with Sony/BMG the preferred label of choice. “Josiah was the only Idol contestant ever to get a record deal who didn’t make the top 24, and one of only four contestants to get a deal this year,” a Leming representative said. “He has personal reasons for getting his music out, threat or not.” via

Even though he's a little douche, he still has good song writing abilities.
Check out "To Run"

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