Wednesday, September 03, 2008

HOTTIE or NOTTIE: Keyra Agustina is HOT: Best Bum on the Net

Keyra Augustina’s ass has been a favorite web destination for a few years. Her ass has also been in Maxim and on the Howard Stern Show.

Little is known about the true identity of the woman that calls herself 'Keyra'. Most sources agree that she is an Argentinian college student between 19 and 21 years of age. While Maxim Argentina referred to her as " Mirna Lavagna, the illegitimate daughter of the Argentinian minister in Guatemala ", others have stated that her true name could be Julieta Machado, Julieta Solecita, or Julieta Córdoba. Supposedly, she studies Systems Engineering at the University of Morón in Laferrere, Gran Buenos Aires, Argentina, although Maxim states that she is a student at the University of Buenos Aires.--Wikipedia

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Anonymous said...

I'm gonna go with Maxim on this one. At least that University exists--though if I were trying to remain anonymous, I certainly wouldn't tell people where I went to school (after my face had been seen in photos).