Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Events They Don't Use Anymore

Live Pigeon Shooting:
This event began and ended with the 1900 Olympics. Nothing says global unity like a bird dropping from mid-flight like a lead balloon. Give that man a medal.

Indian Club Swinging:

Juggling in the Olympics? Well, almost - it’s not technically juggling because the clubs never leave the hands, but still. Swinging the heavy clubs actually began as an exercise routine and was featured in the Olympics of 1904 and 1932. Who knew 76 short years later, the term “club swinger” would mean something so totally different?

Naked Anything:
In ancient Greece, competitors in the original games competed in the nude. For all events. Which would make the Women's Hurdles the new crowd favorite, but render Men's Greco Roman Wrestling incredibly disturbing.

Seriously. This was an event until 1920. Upon its removal, gym teachers worldwide, mourned.

Solo Synchronized Swimming:
Exactly what it sounds like. One chick, in a pool, posing to music. Three Olympics passed (1984-1992) before the Olympic games committee finally realized that one person swimming wasn’t exactly synchronized to anything.

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