Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fashion Buzz: Extra Wide Anime Contact Lenses

The newest fashion trend out there is Anime wide eyed contact lenses. Not only are they designed to make your pupils larger than normal, they come in different colors to complete this over exaggerated fashion statement.

What can you say? I never would of thought of this in my wildest dreams, and I was an Optician for 9 yrs. One thing though...I don't know the specs or water content on these particular contact lenses, but it probably wouldn't be wise to wear these lenses for hours considering it's blocking more oxygen flow to your eyes than regular contacts.

Another thing...Wearing these lenses is kinda like stuffing your bra to make your boobies look big. So beware when you take home "Mr. Right" who thought your eyes were so "BIG," green and beautiful after meeting at the club. One good look at your tremendously beady black eyeballs when he sees you in the morning without your contacts on...he's outta there!

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