Wednesday, August 13, 2008

UPDATE: Montauk Monster a Hoax? That's What We're Supposed to Believe

The Montauk Monster a hoax?? Of course it is. Anything "they" can't explain is a hoax or some made up BS to make every one's curiosity dwindle into the back pages of an old newspaper. Supposedly it was a prop from a movie left on the beach by some B rated independent filmmaker who is making a movie called "Splinterheads."

If you really look close at the photos of the Montauk Monster it's hard to believe it came from a low budget film like "Splinterhead" (less than $1 million)

I think that's a cover. Whenever something leaks out into public eyes the government makes up some great imaginitive hoopla like in Roswell "Its a weather balloon." Remember!! There's a government animal genetic lab facility close by the beach where the photos were taken....or maybe it was a government ice cream factory? We will never know the truth...full story

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