Friday, August 29, 2008

Cheesy Politics: McCain Picks Fake Hilary for Running Mate

Republican presidential candidate John McCain picked Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. Here, they appear before a cheering throng in Dayton, Ohio, Friday.

It's great that McCain has chosen a "woman" for his VP candidate, if elected, it will make her the first VP in U.S. history. I say it's cheesy because the McCain clan knows the only reason why he chose her was to herd in all the angry, bitter Hilary supporters (women) into his stable.

If Obama had chosen Hilary for his VP then I seriously doubt McCain would have chosen Gov. Palin. This is simply a case of the last word, the benefit of choose 2nd, giving the upper hand towards McCain's final strategic move to conquer the upcoming Presidential election.

#1: Obama chose Sen. Joe Biden because Biden is a mature older man with a lot more experience. This will put some undecided voters at ease for questioning Obama's lack of experience.

#2: (Future Scandal) McCain chose Alaskan GILF Gov. Sarah Palin because he thinks she's a hottie and just want's to hook up with her inside the "Oral Office"...No really, as I explained before he used his 2nd pick strategy to persuade undecided women voters to vote for him. He had to figure out a way to steal the limelight from Obama and what a perfect way to do it...choosing Palin...aka "Alaskin GILF"...aka "FAKE HILARY"

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Cecilia Sherrard said...

I couldn't agree more. Let's not fail to mention the fact that she's an animal killing, fur wearing, NRA poster girl, evangelical thumping, anti-gay rights, all for taking the polar bear off the endangered species list and all for drilling in Alaska, (Her husband is the production manager for an Alaskan drilling company.)

Not to mention inexperienced and not suited to take over the position as president if this guy drops off... He's 72 and had 4 bouts of cancer already.... What a joke.

Just because she's a female should not persuade woman at all unless they're brain dead.