Saturday, October 25, 2008

Amy Borkowsky: The Most Desperate Woman in the World!

Amy Borkowsky wants to buy a $3 million Super Bowl ad so she can advertise her availability to millions of potential husbands nationwide.

"Dating is a numbers game," she said. "I need to reach a large pool of guys."

To that end, she has created a Web site,, to raise money to reach her multimillion-dollar goal to buy a 30-second shot at love.

So far, she has bagged about a grand, mostly from $10 and $25 donations.

But she is still optimistic.

"I know times are tough," she said. "Even $10 is as appreciated as the bigger ones."

Those who do dig deep - $10,000 or more - will get an invite to the wedding if Borkowsky's scheme lands her at the altar.

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