Saturday, October 18, 2008

'BIG-MacGyver' Is Eating Too Much 'MacDonalds'

MacGyver is fat
Richard Dean Anderson in Malibu 5/08
If you ever get locked inside of a "Mac"Donalds, he can save you by making a key out of hamburger meat to unlock the door. Or maybe he can make a time machine out of Big Macs and warn you before you even get locked inside. more...How's he gonna fit through the STARGATE now? I couldn't resist.

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Anonymous said...

Oh so not fair guys! (: This pix was taken 6 months ago in May, and he was on meds (cortisone) for an extremely painful foot surgery. It causes extremely fast weight gain. When he healed & went off it, he dropped almost 30 pounds. He's since appeared at the July Comic Con in San Diego, & Gatecon/ Vancouver in August. For an almost 60 yr old who's mostly retired he really does look pretty darn good. I'll be happy to forward a pix from each if you like! (: Niki

Reytos said...

Hey Niki. I know I know bad Blogsters Guild...I know this was in May. I just couldn't resist the endless captions I dreamed about seeing this pic. I grew up watching MacDonalds, he was like a hero to me. I just couldn't believe it when I saw him like this.

If you have the new pics I'd be glad to post em with an apology (a sarcastic apology, but still an apology)

Anonymous said...

Hey Reytos ~ I do know what you mean about the shock - my mouth dropped open when I first saw that pix, as I had spoken to him in Malibu just TWO/2 months before-and he was normal. No need for an apology, but it would be great to post his new pix - I think you'll be surprised - plus I think he looks a shy side of hot. lol I'll forward some cool stuff you can choose from. How do we exchange addy's - is there a PM here?

A Fellow Sag/Fire buddette
Niki ( :