Wednesday, October 22, 2008

MoocherHunter: Track Who's Leaching Off Your Wi-Fi

If you thought that its impossible to detect the physical location of a person in your Wireless Lan (WiFi), then read on. A tool called Moocher Hunter can help you physically track the users connected in your WiFi network. This tool would come handy for network admins or police authorities who would want to spot and catch hackers using WiFi for illegal purposes . Recently the Indian police raided the Mumbai home of an American expatriate after someone used his open wireless network to send an email that took responsibility for a bomb blast that killed at least 42 people.Actually someone used wardriving to use his internet connection to send that sensitive e-mail. Good things about MoocherHunter-

It's free to use:
Download MoocherHunter™ and the OSWA-Assistant™ here

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