Monday, September 08, 2008

Doomsday Machine Goes Online Wednesday At 3am EST

If you haven’t heard about it yet, the beginning of the end of the world is set for 3am EST this Wednesday morning when the CERN Large Hadron Collider goes online.

So the next time you fall into a puddle of water on the street you may just be falling into one of the tiny black holes that will infest our planet once this doomsday machine is put online. This keeps us on right track for the 2012 Mayan Armageddon prediction.

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3 COMMENT???????:

Michael Knight Rambo said...

Let's blow er up!
(I'll feel sad for all the animals and insects and slugs and fish and shit, though.)

RaduU said...

Sorry to disappoint you but there won't be any doomsday too soon . Blackhole's in the first stage of their evolution require large quantities of anti-matter in order to evolve (and we don't have any anti-matter on earth...) and second , the mayans don't predict the end . Their calendar simply ends in 2012 and each time starts all over again . There are lots of real science articles proving this .

Reytos said...

Well then Gosh! What fun is that. I wonder why everyone's making a big fuss over these things then. If they don't have any relevancy then this shouldn't be anything people are talking about or be alarmed about....Truth is no one knows because it hasn't happened yet, and anything can happen. I guess Dec 21, 2012 I'll just throw a big BBQ and drink strawberry lemonade waiting for the Doomsday fireworks..