Tuesday, September 02, 2008

$173,000 80's Microsoft Hot Green Shades Sunglasses

Bidding starts at $173,000

What you're seeing is the only pair of 1980's Hot Green Microsoft sunglasses around! A reliable source said these were only given to a handful of employees and every pair has been broken or lost over time... Except for these! These sunglasses were in use while Microsoft Office (word, excel, etc) was created and released! These bright sunglasses were the reason for many bright attitudes during the rise of Microsoft, and those bright attitudes might be the only reason for Microsoft's success. These hot green shades were making a fashion statement on a desk at Microsoft while stocks split and and the company developed! These magical sunglasses deserve thanks for many things, without them the world might not have developed into the world we know and love today. Enough can't be said about the history and importance of these very special sunglasses.

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