Monday, October 06, 2008

John Cerney: World Famous Mural Artist

John Cerney is a Salinas, California native whose artwork can best be described as 'giant cut-out art', ordinarily viewed from the comfort of your automobile. For the sake of a title that people can relate to, he calls himself a muralist, but Cerney found out years ago that painting on a wall was restricting to the effect he was looking for.

After earning an art degree from Cal State Long Beach in 1984, Cerney worked in Southern California as a portrait artist, rendering finely detailed pencil drawings. His patrons were television producers and writers, as well as such clients as the late comedian John Candy and hockey star Wayne Gretzky. See more amazing murals here:

Useless Fact: I used to live in Salinas Ca. and filled his prescription for eyeglasses...

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