Wednesday, October 08, 2008

ODD: The Indian Girl Who Bleeds Without Being Cut

Twinkle Dwivedi bleeds spontaneously

Twinkle Dwivedi, 13, has a strange disorder which means she loses blood through her skin without being cut or scratched.

She has even undergone transfusions after pints of it seeped through her eyes, nose, hairline, neck and the soles of her feet.

Sometimes her condition is so bad she wakes up with her entire body covered in dried blood.

Villagers near her home in Uttar Pradesh, India, believe she must be cursed and shout cruel things in the street.

Her frantic family have sought help from numerous doctors as well as preachers from many different religions without success.

What's up with Indians??? Seems like they produce all sorts of awesome Super heroes!!

Two-Faced & Four Legged Kids From INDIA...What's Next?

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