Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Alleged Side by Side Human & Dinosaur Footprints on a Loose Rock

In 2008 strict creationist Carl Baugh announced on his Creation Evidence Museum (CEM) website that he was in the possession of a "pristine" human footprint overlapped by a theropod dinosaur track in Cretaceous rock. Baugh's CEM report asserts that subsequent CT scans of the rock confirms the authenticity of the tracks and eliminates any possibility of carving or alteration. However, Baugh has a long history of unsupported claims about human prints, including examples on loose slabs rock slabs (Kuban and Wilkerson, 1989) and others in the Paluxy riverbed . From what can be assessed based on the photos and sketchy information provided so far by the print advocates, the pattern appears to continue.

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