Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Interesting Links

'Idol' Reject Breaks Down Sobbing
No Mouth to Mouth CPR Anymore?

Greek Islands Want to Reclaim Name 'Lesbian'
How to Scam Del Taco And Go To Jail

Oldest recorded voice: French folk song has been played for the first time in 150 years
Egypt's Pyramids Packed With Seashells
Eight of the World’s Most Unusual Plants [PICS]
12 Tricks to Boost Your Memory
Ten Most Memorable TV Ads of the ’70s
5 mistakes made by first-timers in Japan
Real Headlines For Real Dumbasses

Mario Kart Wii first impressions
How an email address can reveal your character
Austrian man kept daughter prisoner in cellar for 24 years
How A Google Engineer Hacks His Energy Usage
Sensitive military items for sale on eBay
Man Builds His Own Solar-Electric Vehicle
Jeremy Gillitzer Manorexic Male Model

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